Implementing the Framework

The full implementation of the Diversity Performance Review Framework™* allows organisations to target specific areas with each dimension corresponding to a business segment:

  1. Program Management – identifies the effectiveness of the actual diversity program by assessing program management capability.  Identifies or recommends linkages to organisational strategy and vision
  2. Cultural Integration and Acceptance – the major element of the assessment; scans across the organisation to determine cultural awareness of diversity;
  3. Organisational Strategy and Vision – aimed specifically at senior management and board level;
  4. Innovation through Diversity – looks at product development, innovation and identifies strategies that leverage diversity;
  5. Performance – surveys clients and other interested stakeholders, and looks at financial linkages to diversity to identify causal links to profitability.

The framework can be deployed at various levels of complexity, meaning it can be used in its entirety for full implementation, or it can be used in a modular fashion to target specific areas. For example,  as a cultural assessment to gauge feedback from larger numbers of your workforce that in turn allows you to pinpoint areas for intervention and development of targeted programs.

We can also tailor the framework tool to address specific cross cultural and global management diversity issues, and for this we use the following programs aimed at specific areas of business:

  1. Global Plus – global cross cultural and the intersections of gender, race and ethnicity;
  2. Global – developing global management practice and cross cultural leadership strategies;
  3. Regional – providing specific geographic/regional area expertise and advice;
  4. National – organisational culture assessments and strategies – particularly useful for outsourcing engagements;
  5. Hyper Local – specific area of organisational focus or a specific industry segment.
Copyright Susanne Moore 2012, 2013

Copyright Susanne Moore 2012, 2013

*Previously knows as the Diversity Program Review Framework™

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