Organizational Capability Maturity Matrix

Baseline, Assess, Monitor and Report Current Capability

By operationalising the O’Mara and Richter benchmarks, the Diversity Performance Review Framework™* allows an organisation to baseline its performance across five dimensions.  A comprehensive survey instrument for each dimension combines with a complex assessment tool to understand the organisational capability and maturity of the diversity program, and how it aligns to organisational strategy and vision.

The Framework uses a Capability Assessment Matrix (below), and includes measurements specifically targeting gender diversity.

Organisational Capability Maturity Matrix

Organisational Capability Maturity Matrix

Organisations are looking for new and innovative ways to progress and create shareholder value. As the available workforce changes, organisations need to transform at an increased pace, and managers must develop new skills to manage these complex environments.  The Diversity Performance Review Framework™ allows organisations to;

  1. Baseline their diversity program against known benchmarks;
  2. Assess the health and effectiveness of their diversity program against the five organisational dimensions;
  3. Monitor the progress of the program along a capability maturity growth path;
  4. Develop and Identify proactive interventions for improvement in areas where performance and innovation could be discovered or improved;
  5. Report against the program’s progress and current country legislation.

The framework also provides a road map for those organisations wanting to build a Diversity Program, to recognise and capitalise on organisational diversity, and to achieve the benefits of innovative growth by leveraging diverse groups.  In short, the framework pinpoints potential areas of improvement in diversity, highlights ways to manage and leverage this diversity, and allows organisations to realise previously untapped resources often hidden away in pockets of the organisation because of gendered, cultural or accessibility issues.

The full implementation of the Diversity Performance Review™ allows organisations to target specific areas with each dimension corresponding to a business segment:

  1. Program Management – identifies the effectiveness of the actual diversity program by assessing program management capability.  Identifies or recommends linkages to organisational strategy and vision
  2. Cultural Integration and Acceptance – the major element of the assessment; scans across the organisation to determine cultural awareness of diversity;
  3. Organisational Strategy and Vision – aimed specifically at senior management and board level;
  4. Innovation through Diversity – looks at product development, innovation and identifies strategies that leverage diversity;
  5. Performance – surveys clients and other interested stakeholders, and looks at financial linkages to diversity to identify causal links to profitability.
Copyright Susanne Moore 2012, 2013

Copyright Susanne Moore 2012, 2013


Please contact us for more information on how this tool can help your organisation.



Organisational Capability Maturity Matrix, copyright Susanne Moore 2012,2013


*Previously known as the Diversity Program Review Framework™

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