Definitions – Organisational Capability Maturity Dimensions

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DEFINITIONS OF ALL MATURITY LEVELS ACROSS ALL 5 DIMENSIONS – copyright Susanne Moore, 2012, 2013-05-03


These definitions match to the Diversity Performance Review Framework™* Organisational Capability Maturity Matrix.

For each of the 5 Dimensions:

  1. Program Management
  2. Cultural Integration and Acceptance
  3. Organisational Vision and Strategy
  4. Innovation through Diversity, and
  5. Performance

There is a corresponding definition for each of the maturity levels of;

  1. Transformative state
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility
  3. Aware and Building
  4. Compliant
  5. Non compliant

Under each of the dimension headings,are codes or references to the assessment data, which is a combination of survey questions, benchmarks, legislative requirements, checklists and other information.

These definitions form the basis of the assessment of an organisation against the Organisational Capability Maturity Matrix.

Copyright Susanne Moore 2012, 2013

Copyright Susanne Moore 2012, 2013


Please contact us for more information about how your organisation can benefit from the Diversity Program Review Framework™ and the Gender Audit Tool.

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