Compliance Provides a Competitive Edge

This article highlights the benefits when companies adhere to compliance standards for employment.  This not only reduces risk of litigation, but in terms of gender diversity, your organization is more likely to attract a full pool of skilled workers who see your organization as more attractive.

In terms of company governance, reducing risk by ensuring your organization is meeting (and hopefully exceeding) its compliance requirements will increase performance because you are reducing the potential to be exposed for non compliance.

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Deutsche Bank reducing risk and minimising negative client perception by increasing gender diversity

Deutsche Bank Twin Towers, Frankfurt am Main (...

Deutsche Bank Twin Towers, Frankfurt am Main (Germany) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Deutsche Bank executive: Women are the future of banking

“Stephan Leitner, an executive board member and Head of Human Resources and Compliance for the bank noted that having trustworthy bankers is the first step to rebuilding confidence. However, the industry will need more. Deutsche plans to redefine itself by hiring more women, particularly women executives. As Leitner explained, “In many situations, female staff contribute toward team orientation, partnership and long-term sustainability.”

Speaking at a recent seminar for young bankers in Frankfurt, Leitner outlined Deutsche Bank’s strategy for the years ahead, saying “The banker of the future will be more female, more international, older, more team oriented and more mobile, and needs to enjoy working with technology.”

In September, Deutsche Bank announced that it wants to increase the number of female executives on its bench from 17% in 2011 to 25% by 2017. It also hopes to have 35% of overall leadership positions filled by women by 2018.”

from an article by Boyden Executive Search 16 December, 2012