AWRA Lunchtime Webinar: Farstad Shipping navigates path to diversity using the DPRF

Featuring: Lucy Barker, General Manager HR (Shore-based staff)

Date and time: 12.30pm – 1.30pm | 17 February 2016

In 2013, offshore service provider Farstad Shipping became the first organisation to undertake an assessment of its gender diversity capability through the AWRA Recognised Program,which is based on the DPRF™ receiving a ‘silver stamp’ – the second rating on a four-point scale from bronze to platinum.

With a leadership team committed to implementing AWRA’s practical advice, just 12 months later Farstad was awarded a ‘gold stamp’.

Commenting on the company’s achievement, executive vice president Wayne Aitken noted: “There has been a significant  impact on organisational culture in the past 12 months including greater employee awareness and buy-in”.

This webinar will explore Farstad’s journey toward building its capability to attract and retain a diverse seafaring workforce, including the steps it took to move from an AWRA Recognised sliver to gold rating. Webinar attendees will also hear about Farstad’s Aboriginal Trainee program, which won the 2015 AMMA Indigenous Employment and Retention Award.




100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining

Jenny Knott - CEO Standard Bank Plc

Jenny Knott – CEO Standard Bank Plc

This publication, Sponsored by Standard Bank looks at “the significant and varied impact of women within the global mining industry. It is a celebration of the incredible talent that exists”, and will surely influence and inspire many others.
The mining industry knows that its future depends on attracting and retaining the right talent and mining companies understand that this means attracting women to fill roles withing their organisations to bring a gender balance that assists in promoting healthy workplaces and healthy mining communities.

Jenny Knott, Chief Executive Standard Bank Plc says in the forward,

“The fact remains, sadly that mining is still not a very gender diverse sector and it seems that the overall industry has not yet acted cohesively upon the many studies that demonstrate the correlation between gender diversity and improved company performance.” 

Proving a positive link between gender diversity and improved company performance that created the Diversity Program Review Framework so we might start to baseline organisations on their diversity journey and monitor their progress and find linkages to improved profitability.
See the article here,!